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Personal Injury Litigation and Pre-Litigation

We offer quick turn around time and reasonable hourly or flat fee market rates for our services. Providing the highest quality work product is our key to success.

We specialize in providing litigation support to attorneys and law firms throughout California.

We offer quick turn around time and reasonable hourly or flat fee market rates for our services. Providing the highest quality work product is our key to success.

We specialize in providing litigation support to attorneys and law firms throughout California.

Discovery (Propounding and Responding)
  • Prepare Deposition Notices (w/or without production of documents)
  • Prepare Deposition Subpoenas (Personal Appearance or Production of Business Records) ​
  • Demand for Exchange, Expert Designations, Notices to Appear in Lieu of Subpoena
  • Deposition Summaries
  • Review all of the documents, obtain necessary information from clients, and draft complete responses/objections
Pre-Litigation Work:
  • Set up and organize your Pre-Litigation Files​
  • Open claims with insurance carriers
  • Prepare representation letters
  • Order Traffic Collision Reports
  • File SR-1 and SR-19 Claims
  • Request Medical Records and Bills from Medical Providers
  • Review and prepare medical chronology and detailed summary
  • Draft detailed demand letters and organize your Exhibits electronically
  • Draft Complaints, Summons, Civil Case Coversheet and other required documents​
  • Stipulations and Proposed Orders to Continue Trial, Case Management Statements
  • Civil Subpoenas for Personal Appearance
  • Minor’s Compromise Petitions and Supporting Documents
  • Mediation, MSC and Trial Briefs
  • Trial Documents
    • Exhibit List, Witness List, List of Jury Instructions, Verdict Forms, Short Statement, Trial Brief​
    • Select and Draft CACI Jury Instructions​ and organize your trial exhibits
  • Law and Motion​
    • Call for details​
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Legal Document Assistant


Family Law Matters

Summary Dissolution of Marriage
Dissolution of Marriage - Uncontested (One Spouse Defaulted)
Dissolution of Marriage - Uncontested (Settlement Agreement)
Legal Separation, Annulment, Name Change

Pre-Marital Agreements

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Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO) and Response

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Small Claims Assistance

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Civil Lawsuits and Discovery

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Business Entity Formations

Limited Liability Company
Fictitious Business Name

Real Estate Documents

Quitclaim Deed
Notice of Pendency of Action

Legalization of Documents

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Notary Services

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Power of Attorney

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Visa Services (Russian and Schengen Visas)

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Certified Translations & Evaluations of Documents (Russian/Ukrainian/English)

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Russian Citizenship for Children

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Vital Records from Ukraine & Russia

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Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death, Name Change Certificates

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LDA license #2019237453

My name is Julie Brantveyn and I am a CA Registered and Bonded Legal Document Assistant (LDA license #2019237453), ABA Certified Paralegal and Juris Doctor. Over the last 25 years of my life I have been working in the legal field as both Paralegal and Legal Secretary, preparing thousands of legal documents under the direct supervision of attorneys. I have previously worked in the fields of Family law, Bankruptcy law, Civil, Business, Entertainment law, Maritime law and Personal injury litigation. I am happy to be able to use my skills and experience in providing quality document preparation assistance to self-representing persons who cannot afford the services of an attorney.

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